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Project Members

Dr. Marius Minea (Assoc. Prof., project manager)
coordinates project activities on detection of execution errors: static analysis for buffer overflow detection, invariant generation and use for program verification; automated test generation to improve coverage.

Dr. Radu Marinescu (Assoc. Prof.)
is in charge of the project objectives related to the metrics-based quality assessment of object-oriented software systems, with a special focus on creating a continuous approach for detecting and correcting design flaws.

Dr. Cristina Marinescu (post-doc)
She is involved in the activities related to the correction of design flaws, contributing to the definition of correction plans and the development of the CoDePro tool. Furthermore, Ms. Marinescu is involved in the testing and evaluation of CoDePro, with a special focus on the correction part.

Dr. Petru Florin Mihancea (post-doc)
His activity is focused on developing, implementing and integrating in Eclipse new analysis means to support class hierarchy maintenance.

Mihai Balint (Ph.D. student)
Development and implementation of static analyses for error detection; automatic extraction of behavioral interfaces (specifications) from object-oriented programs written in C++.

Last Update: 11 May, 2010